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Photography and Videography Services

Photography Services

Real Estate Photography

In the dynamic world of real estate, first impressions are everything. Maximize your property’s appeal and expedite your sales with breathtaking, high-quality photography that captivates potential buyers. It’s time to turn views into visits and inquiries into offers!

Ready to transform your property into a visual masterpiece? Elevate your real estate game with photography that sells!

Branding Photography

In the competitive landscape of business, the key to standing out lies in the art of storytelling through visuals. Ignite a magnetic connection with your audience, boost brand recognition, and skyrocket your business success with captivating branding photography that leaves an indelible mark.

Ready to redefine your brand narrative? Elevate your business with visuals that speak volumes and leave an unforgettable imprint!

Event Photography

Planning an event is more than just logistics—it’s about creating an experience that lingers in the memories of attendees. Ensure every laughter, every emotion, and every milestone is immortalized with captivating event photography that transforms moments into cherished memories.

Ready to transform your event into an everlasting memory? Elevate every experience with event photography that captivates, resonates, and leaves a lasting impression.

Videography Services

Real Estate Videography

Your dream home is not just a place; it’s a story waiting to be told. Immerse potential buyers in the narrative of their future with captivating real estate videography that transforms property viewing into an unforgettable journey. Elevate your listings and set a new standard for showcasing homes!

Ready to redefine the real estate experience? Use videography to showcase homes while inviting viewers to envision a new chapter of their lives!

Branding Videography

In a world inundated with content, captivating your audience is not just an art—it’s a necessity. Transform your brand into an immersive experience with dynamic branding videography that not only tells your story but invites viewers into your narrative. Upgrade your brand, captivate your audience, and redefine the way your story is told!

Ready to redefine your brand’s narrative?

Event Videography

Your event is more than just a gathering—it’s a story waiting to be told. Captivate your audience, immortalize the laughter, and showcase the magic of your occasion with event videography that turns every moment into a timeless masterpiece. Upgrade your events and leave a lasting impression that resonates long after the festivities end!

Ready to turn your event into a cinematic sensation?

Video Editing

In a world where attention is a precious commodity, the key to capturing hearts and minds lies in the seamless fusion of creativity and technology. Transform your raw footage into a visual masterpiece that not only tells a story but leaves a lasting impact. Stand out in the digital landscape with top-tier video editing!

Ready to make your videos unforgettable? Boost your content with video editing that transcends the ordinary, Turing every frame into a visual masterpiece!


Tasha Merkling, Realtor
Tasha Merkling, Realtor
Scott with Lumify Media is always a pleasure to work with! The quality of the photos are great and the photos are sent back to me in a timely fashion. This allows me to post my property listings without delay. I highly recommend Lumify Media!
Aidan Roberts
Aidan Roberts
I highly recommend Scott! He exceeded my expectations in showcasing the property I am selling. He arrived on time, extremely professional, and was confident in what he was doing. Thanks again Scott!
anthony johnson
anthony johnson
Scott is my go to anytime I need pictures done for one of my listings etc. Always early or on time, provides quality work at fair and reasonable prices. Turn around time on receiving the pictures is also super quick, typically next day. I would highly recommend!
Amy Farina
Amy Farina
Lumify Media has been helping me with my podcast (Drop Bass Not Bombs) and it has been incredible! I am so happy with the turnaround time, the turnout, the professionality, and the understanding of my brand.
Andi Encinas
Andi Encinas
Scott was amazing to work with, very responsive and professional. The results are amazing, it was beyond what I expected. Will be calling on him again!!
Jennifer Ott
Jennifer Ott
I never have to call another photographer ever again! From Bradenton to Brooksville, Scott covers as much territory as I do. As a Realtor, the quality of the photographs and video to showcase a home is EVERYTHING. I searched and tried others, but only Scott has delivered the goods. On time, courteous, respectful of my clients home and their time, he not only delivers stunning photography and videography, he mages you feel like you’re his only client. Turnaround on his work is fast! I never have to hunt him down. The links are easy and downloadable making my job of getting them in front of the public for my Sellers easier and faster than ever. If you want professional Real Estate photography, Scott is the ONLY number you need to have.
Vinny Fountain
Vinny Fountain
Scott is a real gem to work with. We have used him several times and every single time he delivers. He is super responsive and provides an excellent product. It is important as a contractor to convey what it is that we do as a reflection of our business and each project we have used him on has provided some great feedback from our clients. I would definitely recommend his services!

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